The Maine PUC is in the final stages of rule-making on Maine state legislation HP0885, LD, Item 1. The bill, Lowering Costs to Municipalities & Reducing Energy Consumption through Competition in the Municipal Street Light Market, gives towns the opportunity to make changes that can decrease costs and improve energy efficiency. The opportunities for your municipality can be significant but it’s important to understand how your town can leverage the ruling to maximize these opportunities and potential savings.

In summary, the legislation states:

This bill requires electricity transmission and distribution utilities to provide 3 options for municipal street lighting programs: the utility-provided services option; the utility installed and municipally owned and maintained option; and the municipally owned, installed and maintained option. Under these options, the bill provides for how a municipality may be charged for the utility infrastructure services provided, how the location of street and area lighting will be provided on the utility poles, at what rates or by what methods the electricity delivery charges may be assessed and how existing lighting may be transitioned to municipal ownership.

Read the complete bill here:

An Act To Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Energy Efficiency, Promote Electric Reliability and Protect the Environment

Read how Pemco partnered with Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA) to help them replace over 650 streetlights and save 80% on their energy costs at Brunswick Landing, ME.

Shine a light on how your town can benefit from the new legislation to:

  • Dramatically decrease energy and maintenance costs, and increase energy efficiency
  • Significantly improve nighttime visibility for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Virtually eliminate street light outages
  • Upgrade the level of service you receive and improve reliability
  • Upgrade your street and municipal building lighting technology
  • Do all of the above without capital costs


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