Increasing demand for energy efficiency can be difficult to balance with shrinking capital budgets. To address the issue and provide an overview of available solutions, Pemco & Co., a leading investment firm focused on financing and developing institutional, commercial, and municipal energy efficiency projects, announced today that CEO Josh Heald will speak at NFMT Orlando, a conference and expo for facilities professionals. In his talk, “Energy Efficiency: Beyond Capital Budget Constraints,” Josh Heald will discuss the multiple ways that facilities managers can meet energy efficiency goals without depleting their capital budget. He will review the new financing options available, as well as the hidden costs, pitfalls, and overlooked opportunities to consider when developing an energy efficiency program. The talk is scheduled for October 27, 2015 at 3:10 PM in Room # 230B.

“We are pleased to be taking part in the NFMT Orlando conference next month,” said Heald. “Facilities managers today are facing increasing pressures from stakeholders to deliver more energy efficient operations while improving the bottom line. I will be discussing the various financing options they have, including how to develop energy efficiency projects without upfront capital, where to start and what to expect, and most important, how to get approval from senior management.”

As Pemco’s CEO, Josh Heald leads the company’s growth strategies. Josh’s 15+ years of experience span the commercial real estate and capital markets spectrum. His track record includes successfully managing a real estate development portfolio that invested $50 million of capital and returned more than $600 million to investors over a ten-year period. At Pemco, Josh leverages this finance and project management expertise to deliver performance-based financed energy efficiency solutions that are raising the bar in the marketplace.

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