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Pemco develops commercial solar, storage, and efficiency projects that advance sustainability objectives while maximizing financial returns. 

Our team of commercial real estate professionals and clean energy nerds have combined to develop more than 43MW of solar projects since 2010, opportunitistically leveraging the heavily incentivized yet fragmented market landscape to deliver value that aligns with our clients’ priorities. 

Our Solutions

Energy Generation

From commercial rooftop solar arrays to utility-scale solar farms, we develop innovative clean energy strategies that leverage alternative energy solutions to advance corporate priorities while delivering on ESG commitments.

Energy + Water Efficiency

There are opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption and lower utility spend in nearly every occupied building. We work with owners and asset managers to uncover issues and implement solutions that deliver real value.

Energy Storage

Along with being critical to resiliency and providing backup power during outages, energy storage also enables property owners to minimize demand charges and, increasingly, generate additional revenue via demand-related incentive programs. 

Meet The Team

Josh Heald

Josh Heald

Founder & CEO

Wesley Cronk

Wesley Cronk


Suzanne Steele

Suzanne Steele

Director, Network Partners

Larry Mango

Larry Mango

Director, Business Development

Alejandro Maldonado

Alejandro Maldonado

Director, Engineering

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